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indahnya iman jika disertai keimanannya.....indahnya hati jika disertai keikhlasannya...indahnya rupa jika disertai wuduknya... indahnya jiwa jika disertai kesuciannya...indahnya agama jika adanya kesemuanya di atas....


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Monday, April 18, 2011

I suppose that is no tomorrow

I increasingly feel the pain ... so what did I do feel the pain ...
This is called the allegations of everything else for me? if true ape ... I think whether I canaccept it? yes .. I have to accept it ... and I must accept my fate is to pleased andcourageous ... He just knows that the things that .. .. tomorrow I'll go to doctor ... hope itwill be good as usual ... and
I suppose that is no tomorrow ... do not ask where I'm going to go ....
because I'm going to go away for an audience with the author most

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